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You get what anyone get a lifetime.

This journal is now friends only. Unfortunately it's rare that I have time to icon anymore, but feel free to comment for a link to my older creations or snag a few from this public entry. Credit appreciated.

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Michael Vick, the NFL player who tortured and killed dogs for fun has been signed by the Philadelphia Eagles now that he is out of jail. Send a message to his new team and consider boycotting these companies who are supporting these shenanigans by association, or feel free to send a letter so they know how you feel.

Feel free to repost or link back to this list. Making this a rare public entry.

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All unsold bottles have been shifted to EvilBay :)

THE FINE PRINT Shipping--$3.50 for up to four imps, $5 for up to two bottles. For heavier items, Royal Mail international calculator will be used. I try to include extras, my swap feedback is on the forum HERE.

Please, no e-checks. Make sure to include your name and what you're purchasing in the subject or comment section so that I don't screw up your order! Please don't ask me to hold bottles that you do not intend on collecting; they could be going to loving homes. By the nature of perfume sales, I regret to say that I cannot accept returns or requests for swap-backs. If you are unhappy with your purchase or swap, I apologize; it is likely that others out there will be interested in what you have, so give selling a go!

*I delete comment threads for ease of reading, not cause I'm ignoring or have forgotten you*

Shipped: All pending orders HAVE BEEN SHIPPED!

Wishlist: Decadence! Honey Moon, Juju, Goona Goona, Mabon, Doc buzzard, Formula 54, India Bouquet, Lughnasadh, Hellfire (aged), Inferno (aged), Jailbait, Pink Phoenix, Sugar Skull 04, Single Notes red ginger, apple blossom, plum, black patchouli

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i heard about this 'a million little pieces' book on local radio. one of our deejays had really embraced the book, and so mentioned it on the air. i can appreciate a good book, especially dealing with that sort of raw subject matter, and it seemed like something i might want to go ahead and pick up to read. so i went to the site (while wasting time at work of course) to check it out, and got the 'excerpt' sent to me. i have to admit, it seemed a little too vivid to be entirely believable, but i didn't think too much about it. a couple days later, this recent bombshell from dropped, stating that in their move to get a mug shot for their famous 'mug shot gallery', they instead found that almost all of James Frey's claims from 'a million little pieces' are just blatant lies.
the first point of defense was that the work is a memoir, and that all writers take creative license. ok, i can see that. everybody has their own version of the truth. but that doesn't seem to be the case here. in my opinion, this guy is just another hack writer with no respect for anything but the almighty dollar. to create such giant fabrications based only in the most minute ways to any sort of actual fact, and then allow yourself to be some sort of rehab hero to people worldwide who are LIVING the horrors that you can only describe in a bid to get yourself some cash, is disgusting. it would have been entirely possible to let people know during the Oprah interviews, or maybe while roving rehab centers dispensing advice with a camera crew, or on the web site, or any number of ways that the book was not a true memoir. i don't see why the public should be led to believe this man went through these things, just to sell copies. if the book was well written, it would stand on its own as an inspirational story. to tack the label of 'truth' on it for public consumption, is a slap in the face. how many people, addicts and alcoholics, have embraced not just this book but the man who wrote it? how many families of addicts and alcoholics, or friends? this isn't something that was written as a catharsis. it wasn't written to help others who might have found themselves at rock bottom. it was written by yet another wannabe, eager to use the pain of other people by whatever means necessary. i've never been so happy in my life that i DIDN'T pick up a book, and line his pockets with another thin dime. there are so many real authors that have real stories to tell, that never get a chance to have a voice. what an embarassment to real writers james frey has turned out to be.
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thank you all for your condolences and outpouring of love for someone that most of you never even knew.  thank you good_0mens for pointing me in the direction of agent_retro.  i owe you dinner or something now girl <3333 and thanks all for putting up with my depressing blather.  </span>


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although i don't have any definite plans yet, except for to go out and shake my moneymaker, preferably in a place with a liquor license.  my best friend has been shut up in his room all week, cramming for a barrage of tests, so we made a pact to reintroduce him to the real world with drinks all weekend.  there is something coming out not this weekend but next that i really want to see...but somehow i've forgotten what it is.  it'll come to me :)  for right now i'm at work, pretending to be doing something to earn the paycheck i receive.  which isn't bloody likely lol

what are you people up to this weekend?! if you're in austin, tell me about a snazzy event, chances are i'll show up with an alcohol hungry group in tow.  i think i'll be getting my hair done before i go out, i'm using a brighter red than i usually do, so instead of maroon its red like a brand new car.  but i dig it.  if you put me and upaya together, we'd look like the bastard children of superman.  have fun this weekend kiddies.  drive fast, take chances!

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